It's A Living

ItsALiving is not just a name or a statement but is also a life philosophy for Ricardo Gonzalez, a designer and artist from Durango, México, currently living in Brooklyn. His signature script style can be easily recognized from large-scale murals to commercial work for some of the biggest brands, to a simple sticker in the street. The ambiguity in the typographical messages continually creates a dialogue between viewer and artwork. “A word is an image” and an image can be interpreted in so many ways, and the direct approach of typography has been an exploring-path, where the main goal is to question daily living and produce a positive impact. After all, it’s a living.  His clients include: Apple, Armani Exchange, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, Budweiser, Samsung, AirBnB, Bloomberg Business, Toyota, Vice, Lululemon, MTV, Yahoo!, Nissan, VH1, Coca Cola, Revlon, KRINK, Bing Bang Jewelry, Oprah Magazine, AIGA, Bowers & Wilkins, Harper Collins, New York Botanical Garden, Complex & Stussy. 

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