Daniela Schweinsberg

Daniela Schweinsberg (*1973) lives and works in Frankfurt at the Main. She is a representative of the informal, gestural abstraction. Her works are powerful, colorful and challenging for the viewer. Her painting process is a mixture of impulsiveness and considered approach: First steps are slow, she explores what appears, how materials work together, how first forms and lines come together, which could be the next step – and eventually the moment comes when she realizes what form the artwork takes as a whole. Then she works dynamically, intuitively and spontaneously, purely informally. For her this is the decisive phase of her process, whose energy, dynamics and spontaneity are later transferred to the viewer. Daniela stepped into the art world after finishing her degree in business administration. She started out as a self-taught artist, but over the course of the years formed a comprehensive artistic knowledge and received professional training from renowned artists. In 2016 she graduated from the Master Class of Prof. Adam Jankowski.

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