Gallery Exhibit | SWAY

Jason Woodside has curated a spectacular show, with works from artists all over the globe. This gathering of art from street to studio, outdoor walls to indoor walls, includes familiar lines and color from Woodside, Adam Lucas, It’s A Living, Maser, Pref, Adele Renault, Ruben Sánchez, and Swoon; as well as invites new shapes and visions into the Moberg Gallery space and family, with artists Evoca1, Elliott Routledge, and Gary Stranger. Swoon’s earth-ereal portraits, Sánchez’ abstract still lifes and sculpture, and Lucas’ city- and townscapes, all coalesce with the typographic wonderlands of Pref, It’s A Living, and Stranger, to form an amazing inaugural exhibit you won’t want to miss.

Adam Lucas

Elliott Routledge


It's A Living

Jason Woodside



Ruben Sanchez


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