Andrew Polk - From a Distance #2
by The PRINTOBER Print Show


These lithographs focus on some of the events of September 11, 2001. By incorporating the use of satelite photography, I intended to show how when seen from a distance, the reality of events are rendered to be less personal.


Andrew Polk is an artist who lives and works in Tucson, Arizona, USA. His prints, paintings, drawings, and video works have been exhibited throughout the United States, and in such other countries as England, Wales, Ireland, India, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia, and China.  Polk served on the faculty of the School of Art at the University of Arizona for 32 years until retiring in 2016 as Professor of Art. In Tucson, he is represented by the Davis-Dominguez Gallery.  Together with his wife, Kathryn, he is co-owner of L-vis Press.

20″ x 28″