If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@mobergeditions.com or call us at (515) 279-9191.

Purchasing one-of-a-kind pieces

Since some of the works displayed on this site are originals that are displayed in our gallery, each order will need to be confirmed after the order has been placed. Our inventory will be updated as quickly as we are able to but we cannot guarantee availability of all pieces. If we are unable to fulfill your order, you will not be charged for any pieces that are not able to be fulfilled.

Shipping methods

Each order will be shipped securely and as efficiently as we are able to do. If you have any special shipping instructions, please email us.


If you are interested in our installation services, please visit Moberg Art Services for more details.


Moberg Art Consultation Moberg Art Consultation works with professional artists and national galleries to create timeless and impactful environments for corporate, residential, health care, hospitality and institutional clients. We work with the client through the design process providing services including: budget analysis, design concepts using graphic representations, artwork selection, fabrication and installation. We use our experience, knowledge and partnerships in the modern art market to incorporate unique artworks in a variety of mediums tailored to the building’s architecture and the client’s values and vision.